Create and distribute white label gift cards that go far beyond normal “gift cards”, such as whether you’d like to make the cards single-use or reloadable rewards cards with ATM withdrawals.

When done right, white label gift cards can help businesses improve brand image, enhance customer loyalty, and increase employee retention rates. Truly customizable “gift cards” can even be turned into “rewards cards”, allowing reloadable ATM withdrawal features, and much more.

Today, gift cards have become the go-to gifting option for North American consumers and it’s no surprise that 52% of businesses in the US now use them, according to a study by the Incentive Research Foundation.

Many businesses use gift cards as rewards programs to reward the behavior of employees, customers, salespeople, and other channel partners. Others have used it to create new revenue streams through gift card sales via branded marketplaces or gift card reselling (with their own e-commerce platforms).

Going one step further, branded and customized gift cards, also known as white label gift cards are bringing huge advantages to brands ahead of more generic versions. Better brand image, customer loyalty, and employee retention are just some of these benefits.

Yet, with the hundreds of options available to brands, selecting a white label gift card solution is not easy.

If you’re a business executive searching for a white label offering that stands out from rival brands who choose to go down the same route, you’ll know that your gift card solution must be:

  • Flexible, with multiple branding and customization options
  • Simple to use, removing any technicality that will serve as a barrier to entry
  • Data-driven, providing relevant data to improve decision-making.

Finding all these features in one gift card service provider is essential for businesses that want to maximize the benefits of white label gift cards.

This might seem like a tall order, yet Berkeley Payment does it time and again with its versatile range of white label gift cards for top brands.

Keep reading to find out how the likes of Hyundai, Kellogg's, and Audi have all gained solid results from our single-API solution which offers over 300 card features and world-class security.

[Looking to reward your customers and/or employees with white label gift cards or reloadable rewards card programs? Contact us today to learn how our platform’s flexibility and security can help you get the best value from white label gift cards.]

Why does your business need white label gift cards?

Adding your brand identities and custom messages to gift cards can lead to a solid long-term revenue stream, and we can break the reasons for this down into three main categories.

They enhance your brand’s image

Your customized gift cards come emblazoned with your company logo on them, alongside the world-famous and trusted Visa and Mastercard signs.

Recipients of your gift cards will have your brand at the forefront of their minds every time they use it, even if they’ve never had any previous dealings with your brand.

They inspire customer loyalty

A flexible and secure gift card in your brand’s name inspires trust in the mind of the gift card holder. With your card in their hand, they’ll not only buy your products with the card but will return if they have a pleasant experience.

Not only that, but the personalized touch of a gift card (with customized messages including their names) makes them feel valued, almost as if they’re a member of an exclusive club.

Customer enthusiasm for gift cards is backed up by the fact that 59% of users spend more than the card’s value, according to research by Mageplaza, a leading gift card provider.

They improve employee retention

Employees who receive white label gift cards with their names, thoughtful messages, and brand identities are likely to feel a sense of belonging that will encourage them to stay onboard longer.

According to Lucida, a recruitment agency, acknowledgment and feeling valued is the second most important reason employees stay at a company.

If your brand has talented staff that you would like to keep hold of, then a personalized gift card may just be a vital tool in doing that.

Berkeley Payment: An Easy-to-Use White Label Gift Cards Platform

Maximizing the benefits of white label gift cards requires that you use a platform that provides the flexibility, dynamism, and simplicity you require.

These attributes, among many others, are what we provide at Berkeley Payment.

With white label solutions, you can easily create and distribute customized and branded gift cards to your employees, customers, and other business partners.

All you need to do is connect to our PayHub Portal via a single-API integration and you’ll be ready to get started.


Flexibility is key when it comes to molding a gift card in your company’s image.

Berkeley provides multiple customization options so you can do what best represents your brand.

There are over 300 customizable features that you can tweak in whatever way you prefer. These might include the logo or images you choose, whether you’d like to make the cards single-use or multi-use, or whether you would like to create reloadable rewards cards with ATM withdrawals.

To illustrate just how wide-ranging our card features are, check out the variety in the white label gift cards that three of our clients have designed.

Kellogg’s: Branded prepaid gift cards

Below is a green background gift card designed by Kellogg’s, the cereal producer. It’s a $5 prepaid gift card for those who purchase a box of cereal.

The images used – from the basket trolley to the animal mascots – align with their fun brand identity, which resonates with the cardholder who has probably been familiar with these characters since childhood.

white label gift cards

Better Labour: Employee rewards

Better Labour, a recruitment agency, has also benefited from our range of features. They offer white label gift cards to employees they have placed in temporary jobs.  

The bold use of the company’s logo is likely to have an impact on these workers who will get the impression of a recruitment agency that’s going places. Not to mention the fact that a rewards card perk is likely to encourage them to choose to work with Better Labor over rival agencies.

white label gift cards

As you can see, these two examples achieve different purposes under the gift card banner. Kellogg’s runs a gift card marketing campaign, while Better Labour targets employees.

Hyundai: Gift cards to settle lawsuits

A third and completely different example is Hyundai. One of the world’s leading car companies used our white label gift cards as part of a class action settlement.

The presence of Hyundai’s brand identity and the names of each recipient reinforces Hyundai’s commitment to personally deal with this legal issue.

white label gift cards

Audi: Reloadable and non-reloadable cards to incentivize sales teams

Berkeley also provides both reloadable and non-reloadable gift cards and rewards cards. Your customers can add multiple amounts to reloadable rewards cards when they wish, while non-reloadable gift cards are for one-time use.

World-famous carmaker Audi is one brand that has used these reloadable options. They used the card to reward salespeople who hit certain agreed targets. High performers receive reloads onto their cards that they can use to treat themselves with high-end products.

The cards act as a quick rewards mechanism that encourages employees to perform at the best of their abilities, while Audi benefits from higher sales and a reputation for excellent customer service.

white label gift cards

Get started with one simple API integration

One simple API integration is all you need to add our platform to your website. In no time, your team can gain access to all our gift card solutions and start creating (and distributing) white label gift cards.

You can also access our turnkey gift card solutions for business by logging in to your portal on our website. From this portal, you can easily create new cardholders for your customers, employees, and other partners to offer a branded experience.

Add cardholders via Berkey’s PayHub Portal

white label gift cards platform

By eliminating complex and complicated set-up processes, we make it easy and simple for you to start creating and distributing gift cards as soon as possible.

Our platform offers an impeccable user experience that makes navigation seamless and enjoyable.  

Choose physical or digital cards

Our platform supports the creation of physical and digital gift cards.

While digital or gift cards are easier to distribute, we recognize that many people prefer physical gift cards they can use in-store.

To cater to this demand, we also have a distribution process through which we ensure the delivery of physical cards.

In addition, we provide open-loop gift cards – Visa and MasterCard gift cards – so recipients can use them in any way they want, whether it’s to purchase items online or via POS systems.

Every recipient can decide on what to purchase with their gift cards instead of being forced to use one particular retailer.

Reporting and analytics

Actionable data about your gift card campaigns can help you make decisions that will help improve performance.

One of the features we offer at Berkeley Payment is reporting and analytics. We provide you with relevant data-backed reports about your gift card usage so you can evaluate current performance and then make the required improvements.


We understand that cybersecurity is non-negotiable in today’s world and this is why we use multi-tenant architecture and PCI to protect your data, whether you are using our platform on your website or through our website portal.

Almost two decades of experience

Our 17 years of experience in the payments industry makes us a trustworthy partner for all payment needs.

Since 2005, world-leading companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Volkswagen, Heinz, and LG have trusted us to provide their customers and staff with a variety of solutions including white label debit cards, embedded payments, and embedded finance.

Start creating and distributing white label gift cards with Berkeley Payment

Working with a trusted company that has the requisite expertise and experience is the best way to maximize the benefits of white label gift cards. Berkeley Payment has been the partner for many companies.

By registering an account with us and integrating our solution with your website via our API or logging in to your portal on our website, you will be ready to transform your gift card programs.

Getting started is quick and seamless and we have trained experts who will guide and support you, providing you with positive customer experience at every step of the way.

[Are you ready to use white label gift cards to reward employees, customers, and partners? Sign up with Berkeley Payment to do this in a flexible, data-driven, and secure way. Contact us to get started.]

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