Launching a white-label prepaid debit card program is simple if you know which one to go for.

In an online payments sector where more businesses are offering more embedded finance products than ever, white-label prepaid debit cards are emerging as a go-to product for financial institutions (FIs), fintech companies, and many other industries looking to offer better payment services.

Versatile, lucrative, and secure, reloadable payment cards are a driver in growing markets such as the North American embedded finance industry, an industry that is set to double over the next five years, according to estimates from management consulting firm McKinsey.

Yet, a saturated embedded finance market can make choosing the best option a headache. If you find yourself in this situation as a decision-maker then you may have pondered over how to select a card that:

  • Ensures user retention with simple registration and engaging features
  • Maximizes brand visibility and appeal to new and existing customers
  • Offers single-API integration that saves valuable time and resources

The good news is that a white-label debit card ticks all these boxes and more.

Quick, easy to use, and secure, they’re proving to be one of the most valuable new revenue streams a company can build.

Looking to launch a payment card program that’ll bring in a solid, long-term revenue stream for your company? Contact us today to find out how Berkeley’s white-label prepaid debit card can boost your brand appeal and earnings via a single API integration.

Why a white-label prepaid debit card works so well for a range of businesses

White-label debit cards can be a good choice for many kinds of businesses because they offer several benefits that other branded cards cannot.

One of the most obvious benefits is the level of exposure that your company gets. White-label payment cards display your brand’s logo and no one else’s, unlike co-brand credit cards which also come with the card issuer’s insignia.

This way, your company gets all the attention. As the apparent sole service provider, you’ll create a strong and distinct brand presence. And your customer promotes your brand every time they use their card.

Versatility is another huge perk of a white-label debit card. While customers can only use private-label cards within the brand’s ecosystem, they get to use white-label solutions elsewhere giving the brand a broader appeal. The commission and transaction fees that this brings also create a useful new revenue stream.

Also, a white-label card with just your brand’s logo on the front looks impressive. You get to convey the image of a professional and capable organization that has the infrastructure and know-how to operate its own card while the bank issuer does the hard work for you behind the scenes.

Yet, despite their many advantages, many white-label debit cards are difficult to integrate into your company’s existing digital infrastructure. Complicated set-up processes eat up valuable time and resources as well as delays in card issuing that frustrate customers.

This is where Berkeley Payments shines. We stand out from ‘fly-by-night’ start-ups by being a trusted industry leader with over 17 years of experience in the digital payment industry.

How Berkeley’s white-label prepaid debit card offers multiple benefits via a single API

Iron-clad security, lightning speed, and sweet simplicity – Berkeley’s white-label prepaid debit card combines all three to build a scalable long-term revenue stream that’s robust and user-centric.

Combined with access to both US and Canadian markets – between them the largest fintech sector in the world – our turnkey solution opens the door to a wealth of new opportunities for businesses.

But how do we do this? Let’s lift the hood and explore more.

Benefit from world-class security backed by two decades of Berkeley expertise

Your customers demand security and Berkeley’s platform delivers it.

We take full responsibility for your users’ safety, which is why we use multi-tenant architecture and PCI certification to safeguard sensitive data from outside threats.

Unlike fly-by-night startups, we boast a proven legacy that spans back to 2005, and our track record speaks for itself.

We've earned the confidence of major players like RBC and other global corporations that have used our Mastercard and Visa virtual cards to provide their customers with seamless and secure financial services.

Select the type of white-label debit card that your brand needs

Having a flexible white-label prepaid card means you can offer multiple services in one stroke.

Take a rewards program for example. Research from management consulting firm McKinsey has shown that people who are members of a customer loyalty program are 59% more likely to choose a brand over a competitor and 43% more likely to buy weekly.

With Berkeley’s rewards and gift card, you set the budget, make the rules, and load funds directly onto the cards. Your users get the full rewards experience with instant notifications and personalized account access.

Berkeley's payroll card lets you enhance the worker experience by allowing instant access to earned wages and clear transaction reporting. It eliminates costly methods like EFT and cheques, offering quick same-day delivery for better liquidity.

Also a white-label prepaid debit card, it ensures strong security through encryption, PCI DSS compliance, and automatic payment activity reviews.

Berkeley’s intuitive payroll card

white label prepaid debit card

With a focus on simplicity, security, and seamless delivery, Berkeley empowers businesses to create meaningful connections with their clientele and support their employees all through one simple, single-API connection.

Customize your card with 300+ features

A card that comes emblazoned with your brand’s logo should also reflect your company’s character and identity.

SilverbackHD is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality wheel-end components for heavy-duty vehicles. They wanted a card that embodied their customer-centric values, including simplicity, reliability, and value.

Their customized debit card was the result. Featuring a sleek and straightforward design, their customers are reminded of the company’s high standards every time they use it.

Silverback HD’s customized debit card

white label prepaid debit card

Berkeley makes this possible by offering over 300 customizable features for you to choose from when building your card design.

  • Choose to include ATM withdrawals from thousands of machines across the US and Canada, point-of-sale (POS) services, and online functionality – or include all three.
  • Select the customer verification method (KYC) to suit your company’s security needs.
  • Decide between virtual or physical cards  – or have both
  • Make your contactless plastic cards multi-usable.

We’ll automatically apply these features to your cards, whether physical or digital so that they’re ready to go straight away.

Instantly upload users and issue cards to your customer base

One of the big challenges of white-label debit card programs is complicated design features that make distributing cards a time-consuming and uphill battle.

Berkeley gets this, which is why we’ve focussed on a clean, user-friendly design that helps you easily add new customers to your system.

Once your program is up and running, you can get your cards out to your customers in just a few clicks via the PayHub Portal.

From the dashboard, head to the Card Issuing section on the left-hand side of your screen and choose the ‘Cardholders’ list. Then, click on ‘Create Cardholder’ to add a new customer.

white label prepaid debit card

All you need to do is add basic cardholder and shipping details and upload them to the portal. The customer is now on the system and their card is on the way to them.

Loading credit onto the card is also a breeze. The portal asks for just their account number ID and value load amount, which is uploaded to the cardholder list.

Once this is done, you’ll see a simple overview of all the cardholders on your program, along with key data including personal details and value load.


A clear and concise overview of your cardholders

Easily manage your card solution via one central hub

Once your card program is set up, you’ll get full control over its management via the PayHub Portal.

Berkeley has teamed up with Mastercard and VISA, a sponsor bank, and a payment processor to streamline card management for your company via this one access point.

From here, you can get master reports that give you a full overview of your program and allow you to make the right choices for future operations.

Obtain master reports for insights into your program’s performance

Streamline customer onboarding via easy registration

Complex sign-up processes annoy customers to the point that they’ll quit registration and head to a rival.

With Berkeley’s streamlined registration, this isn’t an issue. We carry out quick KYC and document checks without compromising on security. All accounts can also carry deposit insurance to give your customer peace of mind.

Users can start funding their accounts in minutes by filling in a few basic details and activating their cards.

Berkeley’s simple sign-up process

Foster long-term customer activity with an intuitive user dashboard

Hitting company sign-up targets is one thing, but you need them to stick around for a while.

Your card program’s user-oriented dashboard presents your customers with everything they need to know, including:

  • Debit card details
  • Card expiry
  • Transaction history, including top-ups and expenditure
  • Account status

From there they can access important information about their card via “About My Card” and contact 24/7 support via “Knowledge Base”.

white label prepaid debit card

Each of your customers will get their own profile from where they can request instant PIN access after completing some basic authentication, the same as they would for a bank account.

Launch your white-label prepaid debit card program in hours via a single integration

Integrating a new prepaid card program into your company’s operations may sound like a logistical nightmare, but Berkeley’s turnkey payment solution takes the stress and expense out of setting up.

We use a single-integration API that gives you quick and direct access to Berkeley’s established infrastructure, payment processing capacities, and vendor partnerships.

The result is a ready-made card program that hits the ground running, keeps expenses down, and delivers rapid returns.

Ready to find out how Berkeley’s white-label prepaid debit card can become a long-term revenue stream for your company? Sign up today and experience the best seamless and secure financial solutions North America has to offer.

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