Why Choose Berkeley?

The Berkeley Payments Platform provides a single integration point to build white labelled cards and real-time payments into your banking product, without the massive upfront costs and time it would take to do without us.

A Buffet of Services Offered to You Modularly

Neobanks like that they can come to us, and get one service, a bundle of services, or even a slice of a single service.


Fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by start-ups, leading brands, and publicly traded companies.

Client Support

Berkeley is more than a platform, we are a partner from pre-launch to launch and beyond.

Developer Friendly Open-API

Berkeley’s Open-API provides developers with a streamlined integration process. Our clear and modern API with scalable architecture, delivers the tools necessary for building out robust payments capabilities. We provide easy-to-use API documentation to support your integration, and to empower developers.

Read Our Customer Stories

We've supported some amazing brands in building digital banking.

How a Canadian Payroll Provider Leveraged Berkeley to Build a Disruptive Neobanking Solution

Features Used: Physical Card Issuing, Real-Time Payments, EFT Transfers, and Cardholder Support
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Payroll Provider

How does the process work?

Having launched dozens of large clients across North America, we have streamlined our onboarding process to be able to launch large complex clients in a short period of time.

The major phases include:

  • Discovery
  • Approvals (Bank, Network, AML/KYC)
  • Configuration / Setup
  • Test
  • Launch

What does a typical implementation process look like?

High-Level Implementation Plan:

  1. Design of Card Materials and UX
  2. Approvals: Compliance, KYC and Bank approvals
  3. Integration, Configuration / Setup
  4. Reporting and Financial Processes
  5. Unit Testing and Service Implementation
  6. End to End Testing and Deployment

What are Berkeley's responsibilities on client programs?

Berkeley’s Responsibilities:

  • Build and configure all functions and features
  • Provide a dedicated Account Manager
  • Continually rollout product improvements and feature enhancements
  • Handle all customer services issues
  • Ensure our client’s program is always with the right bank, processor, and fulfillment house

Are there any responsibilities our team needs to consider?

The responsibility of the customer relationship is on our clients.

What You Need to Manage

  • Promote the program to its members
  • Own the cardholder relationship

What You’ll Never Need to Manage

  • Manage fraud & risk
  • Worry about technology obsolescence
  • Change your current bank relationships
  • Cardholder support

Talk through your requirements with an industry-leading expert.

What can you expect from a demo with Berkeley Payments?
  • A session tailored to your needs and interests;
  • Answers to any questions you may have;
  • A walkthrough of Berkeley’s platform features
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