Virtual Cards

Custom, digital cards that can be instantly provisioned to your customers.

Load Funds in Real Time
Spend Funds Anywhere*
Issue Cards Quickly
Brand Your Virtual Cards
Get Users Spending Faster

If you want cardholders to have access to spend their funds instantly, then virtual cards are the perfect solution.

As opposed to physical cards, which need to be shipped through the mail, virtual cards are available digitally. This allows the cardholder to use the cards as soon as they are funded!

Manage Cards Secureley & Centrally

Berkeley Payments contracts with the sponsor bank, processor, and Mastercard to allow you to create and manage virtual cards through our client portal. Virtual cards can also be managed through the API.

We also take care of the PCI compliance needed to show the cardholder the PAN, expiry, and CVV digitally.

Spend Anywhere*

Virtual cards can be used anywhere that Visa or Mastercard are accepted. They are perfect for digital transactions and payments. To use them in a store at a point of sale terminal, select virtual cards can be tokenized and added to a digital wallet from Apple, Google, and/or Samsung.

White Labeled Design

Virtual cards issued by Berkeley can custom designed with your brand’s logo and colors. You will be able to submit, view, and approve the virtual card proof with our team before any end cardholder can access them.