No Fee ATM Access and Cash Top Ups

Enable ATM cash withdrawals, or cash loads to card at select merchants.

No Fee ATM
Fee-free ATM withdrawals
Load funds to card with cash
Fee-free ATM Withdrawals

Berkeley Payment’s consumer reloadable debit cards come with the option of enabling ATM access. This allows your users to withdraw cash within the Mastercard Cirrus ATM network at over 55,000 ATMs in North America.

Berkeley Payments has negotiated with the sponsor bank to charge no additional ATM fees from ATMs on this network. This means there are no additional fees for checking balances, and no additional fees for withdrawals.

Fees will still be charged by the ATM operator and their bank. Please make sure the cardholders read the disclaimers and warning screens at the ATM before processing any withdrawals. Berkeley Payments is not legally allowed to reimburse these fees.

Cash Top Ups

Berkeley Payments offers the ability to add cash-top ups as a feature to cards. Cardholder can deposit funds onto their card at select merchants across the U.S and Canada. The Cardholders hand the cashier their card, and can deposit cash onto the card directly at the register!

Please note, this service comes with a fee, charged to the cardholder at the register. Please see your cardholder agreement for the latest fee amount.