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Embed Payments into your existing solution or financial application, move money in real-time,  or issue your own branded card program.

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Tech Platform

The Berkeley Payments platform is a single platform that provides hundreds of features and capabilities, all easily configurable, and accessible by API or Portal. Our Platform is unique in that it is partner agnostic, and has multiple processors, banking issuing partners, and fulfillment centres; allowing our system to assign the best partners for your specific program, seamlessly to our clients.Our platform is multi-tenant and fully PCI compliant. We are regularly audited for security purposes and are trusted by some of the world's largest financial institutions and


Real-Time Money Movement

Move, Transfer, Pay, Receive money in Real-Time.

With Berkeley's Real-Time Money Movement product called DirectSend you can move money in / out, to / from bank accounts and cards in real-tme.

Enabling real-time account loads, real-time payments and real-time collection of funds.



Processors are very complex, what they can actually do can be confusing, and then you have to integrate with them, and meet their minimums. This takes time, money and know-how. Berkeley has all of this, and is partnered with 3 different processors allowing us to choose the right one for you at the best price, and you only only have to integrate to Berkeley and you are integrated automatilaly to all our partners.


Card Printing

You can issue virtual / digital cards, but sometimes you want physical cards. We issue VISA and Mastercard debit & prepaid cards that can mimic the functionality of the most complex bank accounts, and money movement solutions.
Berkeley works with 2 card printers providiing the most sophisticated card capabilities in the market at the most competitive pricing.


Call Center

24 / 7 / 365 Multi-Lingual Account Holder Support has become the norm; and Berkeley provides this as part of our offering out of the box. Our agents are trained in payments, handling tough questions and in providing the highest quality of service.

We also provide separate support services for our Clients.


Issuer Setup

Berkeley partners with multiple issuers so that we can select the best issuer for your needs and requirements, and switch between issuers when required. Building a relationship with issuers, and meeting their massive minimums, makes doing this yourself incredibly timely and very expensive. We've done this already and can match you with the right partner for your needs.



Berkeley provides turnkey KYC, AML and Regulatory services and embedded technology solutions that are mandatory for many program types. We are partners witht he best companies, fully integrated, and embedded into our existing solutions.


Security and Redundancy

Our clients are doing serious work with our solutions; providing serious solutions to their customers, and they demand serious levels of security.

Our Platform delivers the highest levels of security for our clients, including full PCI compliance, Data Security, Policies and Procedures. Doing this ain't cheap, and we haven't cheaped out on providing top-tier security and redundancy for our clients.

This is why Berkeley is trusted by some of the top banks in North America. You can trust us too!



Fraud happens. We have systems, partnerships and integrations, to catch, prevent and minimize fraudulent activity across all your transsactions and account holders.

With Berkeley, you can trust that fraudulent activity will be kept to a minimum.



With Berkeley your relationship is with only Bereley and we have partnered with many banks, processors, fulfilmment houses, payments providers, kyc & aml technologies, and regulatory & compliance experts. We handle all of this for you when you choose Berkeley. All of legal requirements are already embedded in our solutions.


Payments Setup

Setting up a payment program requires many partnerships, tons of technology, superb project planning, and immense expertise. Berkeley brings this all to you.

Our teams will listen, and configure the best program for your specific needs.

We will make your program happen faster and less expensive. Give us a try!


Everything you
need in one place.

Done for your integrations
Effortless access to vendors
Build faster than ever

Our platform provides access to every payments vendor and capability you need to build and scale a successful financial technology product, without the massive upfront costs and time it would take to do without us.

You focus on your core competencies like branding and service to your customers, we take on all of the payments responsibilities.

Your solution
a cell phone with a screen and card
supported partners
platform in browser
card input

Issue physical or virtual cards in a flash.

Virtual Cards
Physical Cards
Direct Deposit DDA
White Label Card Design
Card Program Management
Mobile Wallet Tokenization

Create, issue, and manage virtual and physical cards. Control costs, increase operational efficiency, and embed cards within your application.

Payments & Transfers

Transfer Methods
Automated Interac e-Transfers
Automated ACH / EFT
Business Disbursements
Load and Withdraw Accounts
Account-to-Account Transfers
P2P Transfers

Berkeley’s Real-Time Transfers with DirectSend delivers low-cost, real-time business disbursements, transfers, and supplier payments.

Eliminate the use of cheques with VisaDirect to push funds directly to a recipient’s bank account or credit card.

Or, facilitate mass Interact E-Transfers, ACH, and EFT for flexibility over payout cost and timing.

Available payments features
made for innovators

Open API
Client Portal
White Labeled Cardholder Portal
JIT Card Funding
PCI Card Capture Widgets
berkeley payment features
KYC / CIP Verification
Sanction Screening
Fraud Detection Tools
Mobile Wallet Provision Cards
Email Payment Notifications
Interactive Voice Response

Berkeley is an excellent solution provider. They were very helpful and accommodated all of our payment needs.

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