Cards for Fintech & Banking Apps

Facilitate Payments on Your
Fintech Payment Platform

Berkeley offers the ability for companies to create a bank-in-a-box payment product that offers users accounts, physical, and virtual cards, peer-to-peer transfers, bill payments, and direct deposit.

Reduced Setup &
Operating Costs

Berkeley’s turn-key solutions eliminate the need for high setup costs. Berkeley can leverage our existing infrastructure, processing volumes and vendor relationships to provide a lower cost for ongoing program management.

Vendor Management

Berkeley has established direct operating relationships with the manufacturers, fulfillment centers, processors and payment networks that enable us to liaise directly and  efficiently with all stakeholders of the value chain.

Built for

Berkeley’s strong network of vendors provide greater flexibility, timeliness and capacity for our clients. These partnerships provide Berkeley with the ability to be fully scalable as programs expand, new opportunities emerge, and technology advances.


Onboard users quickly, &
create user bank accounts

Onboard users to your payment product with Berkeley’s robust KYC
and document verification checks. Create FDIC insured user bank accounts, and allow users to fund those accounts from a bank account or card in minutes.

KYC Verification
FDIC Insured Accounts
Document Verification
Cardholder Initiated Funding

Flexible ways to transfer
funds in and out of accounts

Allow users to transfer funds into accounts from any card, bank account,
or direct deposit. Users can easily move money between separate accounts in real-time, or send money to others in minutes with P2P transfers.

ACH Transfers
Peer-to-Peer Transfers
Transfers Between Accounts
Direct Deposit DDA

Payroll and gig worker
solutions for any scenario.

Field Sales & Service

Freelancing Platforms

On-Demand Payment Platform