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Bank-Account in a Box Bank Accounts for Wealth Management Clientele
Onboarding your client's money in seconds
Real-time investing
Moving Money in Real-Time (In-and-Out)

Become the day-to-day Bank Account provider for your clients

With Berkeley you can easily provide fully branded, every-day banking to your clientele

A fully branded card (Chip & Pin, NFC, Plastic)
Access to spend analytics
Increase assets on deposit
Improving client experience
Multi-Purse Accounts (Chequing, Savings, Investment)
Multi-Purse Currencies (CAD, USD, GBP, Euro, etc.)
Premium Packaging Load Cash in Person
DDA (PAC, PAD) Card-to-Card Transfer
Make online payments and purchases
Access to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay
Unleash the power of now.

Ask us about our Real-Time Investing Solution to drive limitless Financial Growth

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“Send. Spend. And Receive Money. One Exceptional Payments Platform”
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