ACH and Bank Authentication

Fund Berkeley cards through Automated Clearing House (ACH) fund pulls

ACH and Bank Authentication
Pull funds from a chequing or savings account
Authenticate your bank account
Perform bank transfers to cards
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfers

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is a bank to bank payments rail that allows money to be moved securely from one bank account owned by an individual to a second bank account owned by an individual.

This allows your cardholders to move money that is already in one of their checking or savings accounts, to their Berkeley card. This money is "pulled" from their bank account, meaning the cardholder doesn't have to initiate any transfer from their local banking interface.

Bank Authentication

To create this automated pull from a cardholder's bank account, we must first authenticate the bank account, confirming the ownership of the account and the balance of the account. This prevents fraud and overdrafts.

Berkeley Payments uses a bank authorization tool, to verify that an individual owns a bank account, and that there is enough money in the account to make a desired transfer. This authentication is done through OAuth 2.0 connectivity to major banks in North America.