TORONTO- Berkeley Payment Solutions is proud to work with The Canadian Olympic Committee who leverages our service and solutions to provide their athletes and volunteers with branded reloadable expense cards, providing total oversight and management of allowances and per diem payments from one centralized platform.

The travel restrictions imposed world-wide as a result of the pandemic, postponed the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to this year. With Japan banning all spectators from the Olympics due to health concerns, the Canadian Olympic Committee wanted to ensure that all their athletes are equipped with the necessary financial resources to keep them healthy and ready to compete.

Each Canadian Olympic Committee reloadable card is beautifully branded with the Canadian national team logo and colors.

Berkeley Payments has created custom expense cards to enable the committee to quickly and easily disburse funds to athletes and volunteers for all expenditures. Due to the cards' reloadable nature, athletes receive their budgeted funds on a scheduled basis, and can have funds withdrawn if they are sitting unused. Berkeley Payments also provides the Canadian Olympic Committee with a detailed transaction history, and a master client report that helps committee managers track and manage athlete's expenses throughout the tournament.

"Berkeley Payments has created custom expense cards to enable the committee to quickly and easily disburse funds to athletes and volunteers for all expenditures."

Berkeley's best-in-class card products enable The Canadian Olympic Committee's athletes and volunteers to easily make personal expenditures when it matters most - on the world's stage.

In addition to providing full oversight over the management of funds, Berkeley Payments has equipped the reloadable cards with the following features, to ensure the athletes and volunteers have next-level functionality while receiving and spending the allocated funds abroad:

  • 24/7/365 cardholder support via web, IVR, and live-agent channels; ensuring the athletes and volunteers are supported and happy at all times
  • On hand replacement cards for instant issuance, in case of lost cards
  • EMV Chip security
  • ATM withdrawals

These cards run through the Visa network, and function as any credit or debit card, but are as simple and customizable as gift cards.

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