Companies often fail to recognize that the biggest asset they have in their arsenal is their employees and tend to focus on outward marketing campaigns aimed at increasing purchase intent and end of year revenue streams. But with fewer than 39% of employees engaged at work (Glint Study), the holidays are the perfect time to boost company morale and get involved from the ground up by rewarding employees for a job well done.

The most effective holiday gift and reward programs often start with a thank you, with 70% of employees saying that motivation and morale would improve if managers said thank you more (Reward Gateway). Sometimes all you need to do is show your employees that you value their time and work to increase employee engagement.

According to the Engagement Institute, disengaged employees cost organizations upwards of $450-$550 billion annually, and that's not the only effect disengagement has on business. Employee retention rates are linked to employee engagement and company culture with 73% of disengaged employees actively looking for new job opportunities (gallup).

Avoid losing employees by creating a company culture that fosters and nurtures employee growth and morale by starting with a simple thank you. So say thank you with a prepaid Visa or Mastercard card that lets employees spend funds where and when they choose.

Giving them the freedom of a prepaid card, shows you not only recognize and value them as a part of your team, but are actively working to improve company culture. And great company culture is what separates you from your competition and encourages employees to stay on and grow with you as company. Plus, companies with engaged employees see a 26% greater annual increase in revenue (Aberdeen), so really you can only go up from here.

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