In case you haven't noticed, Berkeley has a new look!

Before, we were this:
Now that we've passed $1.5B in payments, we're this:

But don't worry, in many ways we're still the same old Berkeley. Since 2005 we've been solely focused on being the best possible outbound payments engine for businesses, not for profits, and governments -  and that's not changing.

Over the last 13 years, we've deepened our expertise and taken client relationships to new heights, building a robust and flexible payments engine that 1500+ organizations around the world depend on.

Now, as we adopt this new brand that better reflects who we are and how we serve you, here are a few reasons for why we decided to change our look.

A brand is a relationship, and so a key determining factor for this project became, "how can we strengthen the relationship between ourselves and our clients, but also between our clients and their customers?"

After all, we've learned over the years that we can't succeed unless our clients succeed.

Plus, when we looked at the old Berkeley brand, it didn't seem to reflect the way we evolved as a company: all the payments workshops and strategy, all the unique payments products, all the tailored solutions we designed and built to help clients succeed. To the outside world it looked like we just sold prepaid Visa cards and prepaid Mastercard cards. Which we did (and continue to do) - but now we do so much more.

The idea for rebranding stemmed from our ability to help our clients enable and manage fast, secure and convenient transfers of money to a multitude of recipients. Frequently, we'd white label our services or completely brand the payment experiences we built for clients. Sending money out was important but reinforcing who the money was coming from - and why - was just as important.

So, we came up with the concept of "Branded Money." We define branded money as the payment products and solutions that connect brands to people.

Money is a fantastic motivator and being able to brand money opens huge new opportunities in the advertising world, sales incentive space, and even the way companies and governments disburse emergency mass payments. For too long, B2B payments have been branded by the bank or the payment type (Interac, Swift, Wire, eTransfer, etc.). We believe the payment should be branded by the business that's sending the money and integrated into that business's unique payment experience.

Our clients use branded money today to drive a host of behaviours, from consumer purchases, to online conversions, to customer loyalty, to rewards and sales incentives. We're able to drive deeper business returns and insights by delivering immediate value to end-users (who doesn't want money?) and integrating payments seamlessly into our clients' unique and diverse user experiences.

Paradoxically, it's knowing who YOU are and what YOU need that has enabled us to know who we are as a company. So really, this brand launch is about you. How do we elevate your brand through outbound payments?

Browse the new website and find out!

Jonathon Hamburg

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