It may seem like the holidays are a long ways away, but planning for your holiday season early is a great way to ensure that you have success. And with COVID-19 this year, brands are finding it harder to find ways to safely and effectively incentivize consumers to shop. That said, 33% of consumers said that they were likely to be swayed by incentives to make a purchase at a brand.

With prepaid card consumer rebates, you can provide loyalty incentives to your consumers, and ensure repeat business and purchases. Here are a few ideas to get you started and help boost your sales this holiday season.

Go Virtual

A great way to incentivize your consumers this holiday season, and ensure safety with COVID, is by going digital with prepaid virtual cards for consumer rebates. Virtual cards can be issued instantly via email for a quick and seamless user experience. And with 46% of consumers saying that one of their biggest frustrations is the long wait to receive the reward, virtual cards make an excellent, and fast alternative.

Not to mention you can easily customize the entire user experience to ensure that your rebate remains on brand, helping to build your customer loyalty. Often, you can customize everything from the card art, to the customer portal, and the redemption process (including the email).

Drive Repeat Business

Looking to add longevity to your holiday consumer rebate and ensure sales in the new year? Prepaid cards are a great way to incentivize and reward your consumers for shopping with you. With customizable card parameters like Merchant Category Code (MCC) that enable you to restrict card usage to a certain shopping category or brand, you can build your holiday consumer program to drive repeat business for your brand.

Additionally, prepaid cards can be issued or bulk activated following the new year, meaning you're helping drive sales during the usual January slump while bringing funds spent on the rewards campaign back into your business. As 75% of consumers say they've come to expect discounts and offers, prepaid consumer rebate programs provide your business with the discount you need to attract new customers, while ensuring the campaign brings in maximum return.

Build a Loyalty Program

Did you know that a loyalty increase of 7% can boost lifetime profits per customer by as much as 85%? Loyalty programs are a great way to build long lasting relationships and business with your consumers, and prepaid consumer rebates can help.

You can build a prepaid loyalty program that rebates consumers for every purchase made within a particular time frame, or if they purchase specific items. While many rebate programs are issued onto one-time non-reloadable prepaid cards, reloadable prepaid cards can be an effective way to create an impactful loyalty program. For every additional purchase made within the time frame, or additional item purchased, you can load more rebate funds onto your customer's prepaid loyalty card for them to spend at your stores at your discretion.

So whether you're looking to build long lasting customer loyalty, help drive sales into the new year, or quickly and efficiently issue rewards, prepaid cards can be an effective way to boost your holiday sales and make an impact on your business during COVID.

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