One of a manager's most important tasks is ensuring that their team is happy and motivated.

The prospect of ongoing rewards  means that employees will spend more time improving themselves over time, adjusting their performance to suit the needs of the business, and working towards their full potential.

With that said, keeping employees motivated is not as simple as it sounds. Rewards work, but the meat of the issue lies in knowing exactly which type to use under varying circumstances. For many businesses, coming up with innovative workplace contest ideas is an excellent way to encourage employees to perform their best.

Here are some creative and engaging workplace contest ideas that can help motivate and excite your team, as well as bring on some friendly competition:

  • Ask each team member to set specific goals for themselves, whether it be achieving a certain number of monthly sales, or receiving a certification, or creating something of benefit to the company.
  • Challenge your employees to find a creative solution to a problem that your company may be facing. This allows your staff to show off their innovation skills, help the business overcome an obstacle, and feel that their opinion and insight is valued.
  • Design a contest that involves working as a team to foster friendly competition and encourage team building skills.

Why Prepaid Credit Cards Make Such Great Motivators

For all of your workplace contest ideas, there is a perfect reward in the form of prepaid credit cards. Consider these reasons that prepaid credit cards make the perfect rewards:

  • They can be used to purchase almost anything in-store or online, so employees can choose whichever reward suits them best.
  • They can be custom designed with your company's logo, allowing for visible branding at redemption
  • They're convenient and easy to administer - ordering cards, loading money on cards, and managing cards can be done online, 24/7
  • They have lost/stolen protection as well as fraud protection for cardholders
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