People are always asking me, what makes Berkeley Payment Solutions different from other prepaid program managers who are out there? I thought that I would provide some key points that illustrate how we are different.

International Fulfillment

Berkeley is the only program manager capable of providing prepaid cards in Canada and in the United States. To issue cards in a number of different countries, program managers must have established relationships with financial institutions within the countries of currency. Recognizing that the commercial market in North America did not have a cross border issuer, Berkeley set up the relationships in both Canada and the US to ensure that our clients have the utmost in flexibility and a platform that can handle multiple currencies.

Experience and Support

Berkeley has 200 corporate clients who have issued cards for everything from consumer rebates to employee expenses. Our team has worked with every prepaid tool in the market today and has extensive experience in both the commercial and retail space.

Some of our highlights and experiences include:

Berkeley managed the rollout of retail-issued prepaid Visa cards throughout Scotiabank's 1100 location branch network.

Full spectrum of card products including: corporate, reloadable, payroll, incentive and general purpose reloadable cards.

Berkeley offers clients a dedicated team of prepaid account managers, analysts and customer service representatives to ensure cardholder satisfaction and program success.

Customized Reporting

Berkeley has a robust data platform to provide clients the reporting they need to measure the success of each program. Our reporting tool helps our clients manage the return on their investment.

Client Satisfaction

97% of our customers reorder prepaid Visa cards or extend successful reloadable programs. This track record is something that Berkeley is very proud of. We keep our customers happy so that they coming back to us.

Platform built for flexibility. Rather than having our customers adapt to our solutions, our flexible, prepaid platform can easily be integrated with your existing systems. Berkeley can accept data in any format and Berkeley's technical team works with our clients to ensure that systems are fully integrated and provide as much automation as possible.

Complete outsourcing of fulfillment

Berkeley manages the fulfillment and customer service involved in every program.

Advanced Technology Options

For specific programs, Berkeley's IT team builds customized online platforms that help our clients internally manage their initiatives. Our systems are built to provide clients with the tools required to improve the processes within their businesses. Our platforms help our clients save time and money.

While there are numerous options available to the consumer, I believe the above points illustrate a number of the reasons why our clients have chosen us and why they continue to choose us as their preferred provider of prepaid Visa card programs.

Chris Ferron
Account Executive, Berkeley Payment Solutions

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