Tips for a Successful Prepaid Card Program

  • Know what you would like to have embossed on the prepaid Visa card - If your cards aren't personalized you have 22 characters to create an appropriate message. There's also a line below the name where you can include the promotion name, the dollar amount of the card or a recipient specific message;
  • Communicate your timelines to Berkeley's Account Management team - We always try to exceed your timelines where possible but we can only do this if we know exactly when the cards are required;
  • Have your card funding ready - Cards cannot be issued until the order is funded;
  • Communicate any special activation instructions to the card recipients - There's nothing worse than receiving a card and not knowing how to get it working;
  • Double check the shipping addresses - We want to ensure the cards reach the recipients as quickly as possible;
  • Be familiar with the cardholder terms and conditions - Cardholders may come to you first as the program facilitator;
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager - We're always happy to help;
  • Let us know your future incentive program plans - We'll be happy to help you build or plan for your future incentives so that when it's time to roll it out you're ready to go!
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