With the Canada Post facing a potential strike this week, a question we often get from clients is, "How will this affect my card payment program?"

Unfortunately, card programs with individual mail delivery may be affected, but we do everything we can to help you work around the issue. To avoid any pause in your current programs and campaigns, there are several options you can choose from:

Switch to Courier

We can bulk ship all cards to you directly for disbursement via courier. To activate this option, you need to send us written consent to switch the shipping method, and provide your shipping address, courier and account number.

On Hold

You can also choose to have your program continue as is with individual mail delivery, but our fulfillment house will hold the envelopes securely and post them when the strike is over. This means there may be a delay in shipments but your program structure and processes remain the same.

Want to Avoid This in The Future? Consider Virtual Cards

Virtual cards have all the value and functionality of a plastic prepaid Visa or Mastercard card but are instantly delivered online via email and displayed on-screen for use meaning post office delays and strikes don't affect your program.

What About Paying Suppliers?

We know that your consumer and employee programs aren't the only thing that could be affected by a strike. If you pay your suppliers via cheques, it may be time to consider virtual push payments.

Replace your costly outbound cheques with our virtual payment platform to ensure your suppliers always get paid on time.

Send, Spend & Receive With One Exceptional Payments Platform

Find out how Berkeley Payment can add value to your business with white-label prepaid or debit card programs and real-time money movement solution.

Arrange a quick call with our team to see how we can best help your company

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