Managing employees is no easy task, regardless of the industry you're in. Employees need to be directed, motivated and rewarded for their efforts. At the end of the day, a happy employee is what's going to make your business succeed, and one of the best ways to keep employees working at their full potential is through acknowledging the hard work and effort they put into a given task.

The problem is that managers acknowledge and reward their employees in ways that are often ineffective, and even sometimes insulting.

In this blog post we will explain why a Visa prepaid card is the most ideal form of employee reward, and how it is something they will actually appreciate.

Better than Gift Cards

Right off the bat, most people will tell you that they would prefer a Visa prepaid card over a retail gift card, any day. It all comes down to flexibility. A gift card is limited to one store, and the specific products they provide. People will often receive gift cards for stores they never shop at, restaurants they don't like, or for services they have no real interest in.

More often than not, gift cards are left sitting in employees wallets and forgotten simply because they have no desire to shop at that specific business in the first place.

This is why a Visa prepaid card makes so much more sense. They can be used anywhere, both in-store and online, on anything employees want or need. Whatever the employee feels like spending their rewards on is up to them, no strings attached.

Branded, Convenient and Reusable

Salomon issues corporate prepaid cards for employees rewards and sales incentives.

Another great aspect of Visa prepaid cards is that they can incorporate company branding and imagery right on the card. By having custom designed and branded credit cards, your employees will be continually reminded where the reward came from. Whereas with cash, money is put into the employee's wallet, used and forgotten with little reminder of where those funds came from.

Bonus cheques or direct deposit are equally impersonal: money goes into the bank and is forgotten about, with little or no reminder of how or why it was received. Plus, cheques have the added inconvenience of taking a few days to clear before funds can be accessed. Compare that to receiving a customized and exclusive Visa prepaid card and activating and using it within minutes.

Visa prepaid cards can also be reloaded  and are perfect for ongoing incentive programs where points, or cash value, are added as goals are achieved.

Essentially, a Visa prepaid card is a unique, extremely convenient and highly visible reminder of the company/brand that provided you with the funds in the first place.

Let Employees Treat Themselves with What They Want

When an employee receives a Visa prepaid card from their employer, there is greater sense of appreciation for the reward. Cash is always nice, but a reloadable credit card has more personality and exclusivity, and imposes a sense of ownership and empowerment on the individual who receives it.

In other words, cash, cheques, and direct deposit payments lack "trophy value," in the sense that they feel more like compensation than a gift or reward.

People who receive a company branded Visa prepaid card are more inclined to treat themselves to something special with the money, rather than saving it in the bank or buying groceries with it. Employees appreciate it more because they can use the card to purchase whatever they want, whenever they want - whether it's a morning coffee or a brand new TV.

If you're surfing the web thinking about great staff appreciation ideas, look no further than custom branded Visa prepaid cards!

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