Over the past several months, we've been working to build new solutions and improve on our existing user interfaces. Our new client portal makes managing multiple payment solutions and products easy.

See below for some new features, COMING SOON!

  • Our new client portal can be customized with your brand colours and logo for a seamless user experience for your team
  • Simple layout and easy to navigate - our company focused design makes it easy to access all services and products enabled for you. No more separate portals for each solution!
  • If you manage multiple programs with different card designs, you can now see each program's individual card design from within the platform to ensure cards are issued to the correct program
  • The dashboard has a breakdown of all products enabled for you, with quick and easy views to see the number of cards in card stock, the amount loaded onto cards for each program, and balance of your escrow account for value loads.
  • You have access to place card orders, value loads, and cardholder demographic updates via portal OR API integration. You can access the API integration docs and unique API keys all within the portal!
  • New program reports: all users have access to download a Master Client report, Escrow report, or transaction reports within the portal, you can set date ranges or search by unique criteria.
  • You can add users to your portal and set their level of access. This removes the step of having to reach out to our Berkeley support team to add new users, update details, or delete users if they leave the company.
  • You can now submit a support ticket directly from the portal with the new 'help' tab
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