So What Exactly is Branded Money?

Well, we're here to tell you!

We define branded money as the payment products and solutions that connect brands to people. Brands are relationships, and branding money helps reinforce and grow the connections between organizations and their customers.

Money is a great motivator and being able to customize the payment experience opens huge opportunities for companies, not for profits, and governments alike.

Disbursing branded money in the form of custom prepaid Visa cards, prepaid Mastercard, virtual payment cards, or other outbound payment methods lets you:

  • Drive consumer acquisition and entice shoppers to try something new
  • Safely manage and track where, when and how funds have been disbursed
  • Simplify and brand shopper marketing experiences
  • Better manage payouts, tips, commissions and expenses
  • Maximize and measure sales incentives, customer service, and employee reward programs

We see it as a fast, effective, and affordable way for organizations to provide unparalleled value to their end users (who doesn't like money?) in a controlled, secure, and fully transparent environment.

Oftentimes, the payment process is a siloed piece of the overall user experience. It's frequently tacked onto the end of a user flow, jarringly removing payees from a familiar brand environment and pulling them into a completely different third-party interface. Consider B2B payments - they have always been branded by the bank or the payment type (Interac, Swift, Wire, Bank eTransfer, Western Union etc.), and never by the organization sending the money.

We believe that outbound payments should be branded by the business or organization that's sending the money and integrated into that business's unique and holistic payment experience.

After all, sending the money is important, but just as important is reinforcing WHO the money is coming from - and WHY.

So whether it's for automotive rebate programs, field sales or in-person incentive payments, commissions or expenses, or even in-field disaster relief disbursements, branded money gives you the power to create your own branded payments experience.

We take care of all the back-end technology, bank relationships, and program execution, and give you the tools you need to implement programs on your own terms with unique features (like tracking and insights) that help you better manage and understand your payment recipients.

And that's what branded money really is: a powerful tool for you to grow your brand, better engage customers and consumers, and build trust and loyalty.

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