Canadian executives rate prepaid cards as the top method of Incentive delivery and think they are more likely to motivate recipients than other incentive types, according to a recent survey from Berkeley Payment Solutions. According to the second set of results from Canadian Incentive Trends outlook for 2010-2011, released last week, 73 percent of respondents said recipients would be most motivated by a network branded prepaid incentive card. Sixteen percent chose retail gift cards and only 11 percent identified points-based merchandise programs.

"The Canadian corporate incentives landscape is shifting dramatically as more flexible and cost-effective options become available to companies across the country" said David Eason, CEO of Berkeley Payment Solutions. "The emergence of new incentive solutions has created a new playing field that allows businesses of all types and sizes to reward performance, desired behavior and loyalty-all while improving the bottom line and driving business results."

The survey also found that nearly 60 percent of Canadian executives felt network branded prepaid cards used as Incentives delivered the highest ROI to their company, compared to 27 percent for closed-loop gift cards, 13 percent for point-based programs and 1 percent for merchandise catalogues.

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