Increasing employee motivation is an effective way to boost productivity in an organization. When employees are happy and motivated, they work harder and are more engaged with their work. Employers who are struggling with low employee motivation in their organizations can use these tips to encourage their employees at work.

1. Listen to Employee Concerns

Listening to employees can help them to feel valued and motivated. Give employees the chance to air any concerns through regular surveys and meetings. When an employee raises a problem at work, listen carefully and then investigate the issue and take steps to address it.

2. Care for Employees' Well-Being

It's easier for employees to be motivated at work when they are physically healthy. Wellness at work programs encourage employees to eat healthier and be more active, leading them feeling physically better. Even small steps like offering healthy food choices in the canteen or starting a workplace walking club can help employees begin to improve their health and fitness. Employers can also protect their workforce by offering flu shots, which could help to avoid employees losing motivation due to ill health.

3. Be Flexible

The new generation of workers value flexibility. Employers can boost motivation among millennial employees by offering flexible working options. For example, employees may like to work longer hours on Monday through Thursday and take Fridays off, or start late in exchange for staying later in the evenings. In some organizations, it may even be possible for employees to work from home for part of the week. Offering flex-time and the option to work from home makes employees feel trusted and a valued part of the company.

4. Give Financial Rewards

Ultimately, money plays in large role in employee motivation. Therefore, offering bonuses for good work is an excellent method for increasing employee motivation. Company branded prepaid Visa cards are a convenient way to administer bonuses to employees who have achieved good results and are also accepted by a range of retailers. They're also a highly visible reminder of the employee's success; every time the employee uses the card, they will remember the employer's recognition of their efforts, which could lead to a lasting increase in motivation.


Increasing employee motivation is vital for maintaining productivity and a good workplace culture. Employers can use a combination of methods to motivate employees, including offering the option to work flexibly, caring for employees' health and listening to their concerns. Financial rewards are also a key part of increasing employee motivation.

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