Why Choose Berkeley?

The Berkeley Payments Platform provides a single integration point to access to every payments vendor and capability you would need to build and scale a successful financial technology product, without the massive upfront costs and time it would take to do without us.

Signing a contract with us is like taking a time machine during your product build. Allow us to take on all of the payments responsibilities, while you focus on your core competencies like branding and service to your customers

Client Support

Berkeley is more than a platform, we are a partner from pre-launch to launch and beyond. Our technology, people, and partnerships enable you to build at speed and scale more efficiently over time.

A Buffet of Services Offered to You Modularly

Our clients like that they can come to us, and get one service, a bundle of services, or even a slice of a single service. Our client Ceridian for example, comes to us for a collection of very diverse services that come together to create a single product. Other clients come to us for only one financial services


If you choose the wrong vendor relationship on your own you could be set back substantially in both costs, time, and product setbacks. Instead, we have the flexibility to listen to your exact needs and place it with the most appropriate partner, faster than any other provider. No need for managing multiple vendor contracts. We do that for you. Need to launch another feature or product in the future? You won’t need to go seek out additional vendors, as you can scale with our ever-growing list of vendor partners.

Costs you Mitigate

by Building Your Fintech Product With Berkeley

$150,000 on Issuer Setup

$250,000 on Compliance

$200,000 on Legal

$200,000 on Security and Compliance Systems

$100,000 on Processor Setup

$50,000 on Card Printing

$25,000 on Payments Setup

$50,000 for KYC & Fraud Prevention

This also doesn’t take into account the 10+ people required to set this up.

A Trustworthy Track Record and Business Model

One of the reasons that people come to Berkeley is because we have a great track record. Berkeley has been singularly focused on providing white label payment solutions for over 16 years. Our business model generates a positive gross margin.

This means sustainability. That you can trust that Berkeley will be here for you, and we have the ability to make business decisions based on what is right for our clients, rather than investors. We work with some of the world’s top brands and operate primarily in Canada and USA.

Active Clients
70 B
Payments Processed
Years of Business
20 M
Cards Issued

Our Executive Leadership

Jonathon Hamburg

Vice-Chairman, Founder

Lawrence Tepperman


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