Berkeley’s Payments Platform enables crypto apps to issue branded debit cards that let users spend in fiat currency against the balance of their crypto holdings.

Issue Your Users Branded Debit Cards to Spend Crypto

Create, issue, and manage virtual and physical cards. Embed cards within your application, create rewards, and brand the entire payment experience.

Customize and Brand the Look and Feel of Your Cards

Customize your card, carrier, and email messaging with custom graphics and your brand's logo.

Customize Card Features

Specify cardholders, card amounts, and verification method add add additional features like IVR and ATM withdrawals.

Hold Crypto, Spend Fiat.

Crypto Debit Cards use Just-in-Time Funding technology to enable cardholder to make purchases in fiat, against the balance of their cryptocurrency.

How Just-in-Time Funding Technology Works:

Crypto Debit Card
Platform Benefits


Cards are fully white labeled, and can be branded to match your platform’s look and feel.

Keep Funds on Your Platform

With JIT Funding, users won’t need to pull funds off of your platform to use their funds - keeping more assets within your brand’s ecosystem.

Real-Time Transaction Authorization

Set business logic on your application to approve or deny transactions. Cards maintain a $0.00 balance until transactions are authorized.


We are PCI compliant, using our solution you don't have to worry about storing sensitive card information.

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Crypto Debit Card
Cardholder Benefits

Spend Crypto Instantly

A debit card that makes crypto as spendable as the money in your bank.

Use Worldwide

Ready to use in millions of locations around the world. Pay with contactless, PIN, or withdraw cash from any ATM.

Get Issued a Card Fast

Virtual cards allow users to be issued a crypto debit card to start spending their crypto quickly.

Rewards Program Potential

Webhooks and transaction data provided by Berkeley can be used to build powerful crypto rewards for users.

Allow one of our specialists to walk you through how we can benefit your cardholders.

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The number of consumers conducting internet searches for “crypto debit cards” rose 194 percent in 2021.

How Berkeley Payments Provided Alt5 Users With Crypto Debit Cards

ALT5 partnered with Berkeley Payments to offer branded payment cards with point-of-sale funding functionality that allows users to make purchases in dollars against the balance of their cryptocurrency holdings.

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