Build Cards & Payments Into Your Crypto Platform

Berkeley’s payments provides the fastest way to launch Crypto payment solutions. Offer branded Crypto Debit Cards that enable users to spend crypto anywhere (VISA or Mastercard is accepted), and move money in-and-out of trading accounts in real-time.

Why Choose Berkeley?

The Berkeley Payments Platform provides a single integration point to build white labelled cards and real-time payments into your crypto product, without the massive upfront costs and time it would take to do without us. Allow us to take on all of the payments responsibilities, while you focus on your core competencies.

A Buffet of Services Offered to You Modularly

Crypto platforms like that they can come to us, and get one service, a bundle of services, or even a slice of a single service.


Fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by start-ups, leading brands, and publicly traded companies.

Client Support

Berkeley is more than a platform, we are a partner from pre-launch to launch and beyond.


Issue Your Users Branded Debit Cards to Spend Crypto

Berkeley’s Payments Platform enables crypto apps to issue branded debit cards that let users spend in fiat currency against the balance of their crypto holdings.


Instantly Move Money In, Out, or Across Digital Accounts.

Berkeley’s Payments Platform offers the ability to load and unload funds from user accounts in real-time. Eliminate lengthy fund times and enhance your user’s experience with real-time payments.

Developer Friendly Open-API

Berkeley’s Open-API provides developers with a streamlined integration process. Our clear and modern API with scalable architecture, delivers the tools necessary for building out robust payments capabilities.

We provide easy-to-use API documentation to support your integration, and to empower developers.

How Berkeley Payments Helped Bitcoin Well Users to Load Trading Accounts Instantly

In order to OCT funds to their customers’ Visa or Plus enabled cards, Bitcoin Well is leveraging Berkeley Payment’s DirectSend platform for ‘account-to-account’ transactions directly from their Bitcoin Well Digital Wallet.

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How Berkeley Payments Provided Alt5 Users With Crypto Debit Cards

ALT5 partnered with Berkeley Payments to offer branded payment cards with point-of-sale funding functionality that allows users to make purchases in dollars against the balance of their cryptocurrency holdings.

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