Just-in-Time Funding

Customize transaction approvals and fund cards the second a transaction is initiated

Use a logical rule structure to determine funding at the point-of-sale
Cards hold a zero-dollar balance
Real-time authorization
Just-in-Time Funding

Just -in-time funding allows your application to approve or deny transactions in real time based on business logic that is set by you. Each card maintains a zero-dollar balance until you authorize the funding of cards in real time at the point-of-sale.

Example Use Case: Hold Crypto, Spend Fiat

You have control over which card features you’d like to be included on your program. Include or remove features such as ATM withdrawals, POS or online use, verification methods, or even whether cards are single-use or multi-use.

Both card design and card features can be applied to physical or virtual cards.

Just-in-time funding