Move Money In & Out

Offer flexible ways for customers to fund & withdraw from their account. Eliminate lengthy fund-transfer times and empower users to get using their account faster.

Fund User Accounts In Real-Time.

Allow users to transfer funds into their accounts from any card, bank account, or direct deposit. Notify users of successful account funding with our flexible webhooks & notifications.

Direct Deposit DDA

All accounts are enabled as Direct Deposit Accounts (DDAs). This means they have a routing number and account number. This feature allows the accounts to be funded by pushing money directly from a cardholder's paycheque, just as they would using a traditional banking service.

Enable Instant Fund Withdrawals to Card or External Bank Account.

Allow users to withdraw funds from accounts to any card, or bank account with instant account withdrawals. All customers need to input is their card details.


All user touch-points and interfaces are fully branded for your needs.


Funds are received instantly to a user’s bank account —24/7.

Global Reach

Deposit from, or withdraw to any eligible Visa and Mastercard accounts with a single connection.


Withdrawing funds requires only a valid email for the recipient with no exposure to data security issues.


Transform your banking product with Real-Time Payments

A perfect program plan is the key to a successful transformation. We helps companies transform their business and stay competitive in a dynamic market. Our design and business core competences make company goals work on future oriented systems.

Looking to add real-time money movement to your digital banking product?

Berkeley Payments provides the fastest way to launch white labelled financial products, with payments tools that make it easy to scale.